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Coburn Dukeheart
Coburn Dukehart has spent more than 15 years pursuing the craft of photojournalism and multimedia storytelling.

She is currently a Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic where she curates and writes for the Proof blog.

Prior to joining National Geographic in October 2013, she worked at for six years as the Picture and Multimedia Editor. She has also worked as a photo editor and multimedia producer at, a photo editor at, and interned in the White House photo office. She has a Master’s degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri, and is the recipient of editing awards from the Webbys, WHNPA, NPPA, and POYi, and has been nominated for a national Emmy.

Coburn has coached at various multimedia workshops, including Eddie Adams, the NPPA Flying Short Course, the NPPA Immersion workshop, and the Syracuse Fall Workshop. She loves Final Cut Pro and audio editing. She loves good portraiture. And she loves well written captions and organized spreadsheets.

In her spare time, she does yoga, swims laps, uses sidewalk chalk and hangs out with her husband, Brad Horn, and two little girls. She’s a pretty happy camper most of the time.